Printed Photography and Propaganda in the Portuguese Estado Novo

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Muga, 2021. Firs edition.
Hardcover, 400 pp., 238 illustrations, 165 x 240 mm. Edited by Filomena Serra, Paula André. Text by various authors (English / Portuguese). Design by Sofia Leal Rodrigues.

Shortlisted for The Historical Book Award, Les Rencontres d' Arles 2022

Through montage and photomontage, printed photography under Portuguese Estado Novo explored the narrative and connotative potential of the image in different printed media, becoming highly significant both in the official propaganda and in the discourses of those opposed to the regime.

The reader will find 238 reproductions from 50 historic publications from the late 1920s to the 1970s, organised in four thematic chapters transversal. Priority was given to information regarding the authorship of the photographs, drawings, illustrations, texts and other informative elements, with the aim of offering a contextualised synthesis of the public and historical dimension of this printed photographic culture, always with a view on the dialogue between text and image.

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