On Seeing Mr Tang Leave to Tsinghai

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Pierre von Kleist, 2023. Edition of 500 copies.
Hardcover, 136 pp., color illustrated, 170 x 240 mm. Photographs by André Príncipe. 

Trapped animals wait disciplined and angry. Their energy and suffering swipes the land, enters human’s soul, maddens people. Life is miserable if you live in an empire. Real estate madness, organised crime. It will end badly. Escape on a taxi. To Manchuria, to Inner Mongolia, to Chengdu, to Tibet. They will be there waiting for you, escape to your mind, to your inner China.

Mr Tang...  is Príncipe´s film-like Chinese book. It collects photos done in Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau between 2007 and 2019.

A love letter to old Chung Kuo, the land of Li Bai and Wang Wei.

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