I'll Be Late

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Void, 2024. Edition of 350 copies.
Open-spine Softcover, 168 pp., illustrated throughout, 240 x 168 mm. Photographs by Yoshi Kametani.

Yoshi Kametani is an American visual artist working across photography, video, print, and sculpture currently living and working in Athens. His practice largely reflects on time, destruction, chaos and mortality. At the core of his work is an exploration of entropy, a natural force lending itself to nihilism while embracing the inevitable cycle of rise and decay.

In ‘I’ll Be Late’ Yoshi Kametani ponders the existential anxieties of life and death, as well as time and its relation to entropy. The book is filled with scenes of familiar domestic moments, people we assume to be friends are mixed in with images of dirty dishes piled up high, pizza crust left in the box or cigarettes burning to ash. Throughout the work there is a constant yet subtle reminder that time is relentlessly passing, harmony turns into chaos, and entropy deteriorates everything in its path, turning it into something new within its natural cycle. 

“The images are of a diaristic nature, they depict my friends, the places I would be in, and the moments that crossed my path taken from my everyday life while living in Brixton London. To me, the autobiographical aspect of the work is not the focal point, but rather a means to an end, a tool for exploration of time.”

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