Devagar [Slow] (Signed)

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Atelier de Lisboa, 2020. Edition of 300 copies.
Softcover with dust-jacket, 72 pp., 36 color illustrations, 215 x 295 mm. Photographs by Catariana Osorio de Castro. Text by Catarina Osorio de Castro, Bruno Pelletier. Design by Joana Duraes.

Calmly look at things and discover how the sea foam is formed, how quickly it turns into water again, how it reflects the sunlight… what colour is that light?

Tomorrow, find another sea, how is the foam formed in that sea?

A stormy day’s wind blows and reminds me of the sea I once sailed with my father. An autumn light and the boats swaying on its shiny waves.

Freeze that moment and turn it into eternity.

As the days go by, I carefully observe the "present moment", the small gestures of things, how the sun touches these things, the design of the shapes and shadows. The skin and the texture of the body, of stone, of wood, of water, all tell a story of the slow passing of time in a cycle that tomorrow will repeat, but never in the same way. Intimate people and personal landscapes seem to become eternal, as if from a different time.

Time is what we want things to be.

Watch how the shapes are repeated throughout nature and how man finds their reflex in his body, in the things he creates, and how we can constantly transform ourselves, deep inside we're all the same.

I collect meaningful things, intimate moments, I collect what is not mine but means something for me; with these fragments I build a reality, my own.

Watch how beautiful the foam is.

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