Wild Rose (Signed)

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La Main Donne, 2024. First edition. Hardcover, 148 pp., 76 b/w illustrations, 195 x 260 mm. Photographs by Gabrielle Duplantier. Photogravure by La Chambre Noire.

After Volta, her essential work, printed twice and out of print again today, and Terres basses, a darker book where she evoked the death of her mother, Gabrielle Duplantier returns with a new project, Wild Rose, which reconnects with a birighter photography bright, the one we discovered in her first book.
After a series of trips and the episode of confinement, Gabrielle Duplantier is back in the family home, in the middle of the woods and near a lake. She builds her own house there, like a refuge, a raft. This place will allow her to find herself, to truly be herself...

In this wild place gravitates a whole small people, family, friends, children... surrounded by a matrix nature that she photographs with grace. Allegorical portraits, inhabited landscapes, animal messengers, here we find everything we love in Gabrielle Duplantier's photography.

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