Tumult (Signed)

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Galerist, 2024. Edition of 1000 copies (only 250 in distribution). Hardcover leporello, unpaged, b/w illustrated, 200 x 300 mm. Photographs by Yusuf Sevincli. Design by Valentina Abenavoli.

'Tumult’ is an artist book accompanying Yusuf Sevincli’s solo exhibition at Galerist, Istanbul,  and the  second volume of the trilogy after Oculus (2019). Designed by Valentina Abenavoli.

The images are a dream-state, rich with ambiguity and metaphor; A flower, silhouetted, becomes epic and architectural. A white circle painted on a dark ground, the casual record of an act of art making takes on occult significance. A woman pulls skin tight like cloth, another’s eyes sparkle with light. Stream rises, spectral-like from the street. Political in their sensibility of oppressive ambiguity, poetic in their search for moments of transcendence, Sevinçli’s photographs are exquisite signs, only partially intelligible, full of melancholy and hope.

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