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Muga / Ediciones Posibles, 2024. Edition of 500 copies.
Harcover, 80 pp., 56 b/w illustrations, 160 x 235 mm. Photographs by Ros Boisier. Design by Ros Boisier, Leo Simoes, Carol Caicedo.

Ros Boisier (Temuco, Chile, 1985) has built an enigmatic photobook through the estrangement and deconstruction of the natural and urban landscape. 'Inside' is made up of images that can be looked at for a long time without exhausting themselves, without being completely deciphered. Images of slow time, static and ecstatic, before which one hesitates between seeing them or inhabiting them. Boisier explores the recurring image, the one that multiplies in its ambiguous appearance and is placed before uprootedness, uncertainty and loneliness, through natural landscapes and the cities that have been travelled through and inhabited. An image that arises from the distancing from its place of origin and that mutates in the face of the vulnerability of contemporary societies.

Interview with Ros Boisier (Spanish)

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