Where the Spirit Meets the Bone (Signed)

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Self-published, 2023. Edition of 100 copies.
Softcover in slipcase, 112 pp., b/w illustrated, mm. Photography, text (English / Dutch) and design by Monique Belier.

"To another they may just be dancers, but to me they represent fragments of life, of my life. As a (former) dancer and dance maker with a complex inner world of experience, it is often a quest to express what is going on inside. Dance translates my inner movement, better than words can. It’s not about dance, but about conveying feelings and emotions that cannot be expressed in words."

"With this work, I focus my attention on the body as a means of expressing feelings and emotions. Because of my own dance background, I enjoy working with dancers for this purpose. Their refined body vocabulary and knowledge of making inner movement visible is something that inspires me. The moments I capture are not the moments of a completed or perfect movement. I find the moments between movements, the journey towards them, much more interesting. The movement that has not been thought about, when the dancer is no longer aware of his surroundings. Fragments that tell a story or release an emotion. It is something we have no words for, a body language, in which we can recognize ourselves.
It is no longer about dance, but about the unposed, fragmented movement that evokes or unleashes emotions."

Monique Belier

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