The Essential Solitude

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Void, 2021. Edition of 1250 copies.
Hardcover, 80 pp., 27 b/w illustrations, 240 x 320 mm.
Photographs and text by Tereza Zelenkova. Design by Joao Linneu.

Selected as one of the Best Books of 2021 by Alys Tomlinson

After these past two years, many of us know more about solitude than we could ever have dreamed of before. Our homes’ interiors also became our exteriors, our workplaces, restaurants, cinemas, and much more. One must ask himself now, why someone would want to confine himself in such a manner voluntarily. Yet, when we look at the history of art and literature, solitude seems to be one of the most cherished abodes of creatives; and the interior, however impoverished, is the place in which fantastical occurrences are unsurpassable by any other voyage one might make.

The photographs in this book are a result of Tereza Zelenkova’s visits to Dennis Severs’ House. They are deeply personal, yet they also attempt to speak about the universal experience of solitude, imagination, and beauty. Most of all, they pay homage to the solitude of a reader absorbed in a book; and to all the travelers who never leave their bedrooms.

‘The Essential Solitude’ was previously self-published in a small run. Featuring unpublished images and text, this new edition is the opportunity to spread this unique series to a broader audience.

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