Somewhere not Here

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the (M) éditions / IBASHO, 2021. Edition of 400 copies, numbered.
Softcover with inverted flaps, 104 pp., b/w illustrated, 250 x 280 mm. Photographs by Toshiya Watanabe. Text by Annemarie Zethof. Design by Studio Des Signes.

In Somewhere not Here, Toshiya Watanabe travels to the depths of his consciousness to create images that are both realistic and magical. Reality disappears in his images of very real landscapes, giving the feeling of not being here, but elsewhere. As if the artist was seeking to distill concern, instability, amidst the beauty of his images.

Influenced by the Japanese concept of "ma", he creates interruptions or absences that give way to moments of consciousness and contemplation. This emptiness prompts us to take a break, to reflect on how we approach the world around us. 

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