Remembering the Future

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Editorial RM, 2022. Third edition.
Hardcover, 64 pp., 222 x 315 mm. Photographs by Angel Albarrán, Anna Cabrera. Text by Angel Albarrán, Anna Cabrera, Amanda Renshaw (English / Japanese). Design by Gregoire Pujade-Lauraine.

Ángel Albarrán and Anna Cabrera are two of the finest photographers on the contemporary scene. Together, they have produced a body of sensitive, poetical work that revolves around the themes of memory and experience.
The images of Albarrán Cabrera contained in “remembering the future” speak to us of memory and experience. In the context of this discourse, we find ourselves in the presence of a series of exquisite scenes, carefully arranged as if by a craftsman of old. At first glance, their very clarity is moving. After a time, rather than real scenes, they begin to seem the settings for dreams about to vanish into the mist.

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