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Avarie, 2012. First edition.
Softcover with Poster, 124 pp.,  b(w illustrated throughout 135x180 mm (book),  854x640 mm (poster). Photographs by Antoine D'Agata. Text by Antoine D'Agata (English, French, Italian). Design by Vito Raimondi

"By transgressing the border that usually separates the photographer from his subject, I've become the object of my pictures, an actor in the grip of his own scenario. Art cannot exist in a space separated from life. My photographic project evolves as an autobiographic process of insight. I record what I go through, The moment I live it, Making it impossible, to exist outside photography, which grafted itself onto my fears and desires, and feeds on them as if on living tissue.Photography turns me into someone whose face can't be defined, at the brink of deformation, shapelessnessm nothingness. Someone who dissolves at night yet seems destined to exist in spite of me, and to outlive me." — ANTOINE D'AGATA

A journal written in third person that seeks to depict Antoine d’Agata’s quest – “the inexorable course from void to void”. A literary and photographic experiment where words, sometimes descriptive, sometimes poetic, intersect with images in a narrative continuity. An example of the photographer's existential choice and form of resistance which leads toward the subject’s disappearance and the ego’s negation within the neutral spectrum of the image while insisting on an intimate involvement with its matter and a perfect amalgamation of art and life.

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