Okinawa Mon Amour

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IBASHO/ the (M) éditions, 2024.
Hardcover, 184 pp., 90 illustrations, 219 x 280  mm. Photographs by Chloé Jafé. Text by Élodie Cabrera. Design by Teun Van Der Heijden.

Okinawa Mon Amour is Chloé Jafé's second volume in the Sakasa trilogy.

In this photographic and sentimental wandering, the second chapter of her trilogy, the photographer paints a portrait of this island, isolated  from the rest of Japan,  with great accuracy. In Okinawa, which was destroy during WWII, the clocks seem to have stopped. Chloé Jafé takes her side by revealing the stigmata of a past which still bound the facades and faces, but also the dark corners of an island where corsairs in distress and good-time ladies continue to accost. She puts them into the light by revealing a marginality in all its tenderness and distress.

Born in Lyon in 1984, Chloé Jafé is an artist and a photographer trained at the École de Condé in Lyon and at the UAL Central Saint Martins School in London. She is represented by Akio Nagasawa, Japan. Critically acclaimed, her work on the women of Yakuza was
rewarded by the Bourse du Talent in 2017 and exhibited at the Bibliotèque Nationale de France. Attracted by sensitive and difficult subjects, often marginal, Chloé Jafé does not hesitate in her practice to push the limits of the photographic medium by working directly on prints, in acrylicand brush. Each of her series has resulted in a limited edition book, bound and handcrafted by the artist. 

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