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Stanley / Barker, 2023. First edition of 750 copies, signed, hand numbered.
French fold jacket, 72 pp., b/w illustrated, 275 x 375 mm. Photographs by Christopher Anderson. 

Note: All copies pre-ordered will start shipping in the beginning of December.

Christopher Anderson’s photographic fable Odyssey, takes us on a transcendental voyage, evoking a Homeric tale, that calls us from the sea to the rocks, into a dreamscape where light is sculpted across rock formations and figures.

Presented as an outsized limited edition Artists Book, Odyssey is a visual poem, expertly printed in a unique quad-elemental process, as an edition of 750 numbered copies.

“I didn’t set out to make this work, I was taken by the making of it. Perhaps there are themes that I was unconsciously juggling: the mystery of the unknown, fear of the adventure ahead, longing... As the images took form, I began to recognize some sort of fable. Not a story that I was telling, but one that was being told to me.”  - Christopher Anderson 

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