O Efeito Estufa (The Greenhouse Effect)

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CMTV, 2022. Edition of 300 copies.
Softcover, 74 pp., 54 b/w illustrations, 285 × 215 mm.
Photographs and text by João Henriques. Design by Diana Duarte.

This work was done during the period of mandatory confinement of the Covid pandemic, in 2020, in which the Portuguese Government decreed the restriction of movement outside the municipalities of residence. In it, João Henriques starts from the growing presence and economic, social and environmental protagonism of greenhouses in the municipality of Torres Vedras, seeking, in a construction between materiality, image and idea, to expand the knowledge about this territory and some of it’s important contemporary issues. The title The Greenhouse Effect – refers to a widely recognizable expression but whose ramifications and ecological, environmental and climatic implications, despite its already wide impact and visibility, nevertheless seem to generate an amorphous reaction, either from the public opinion or the governmental bodies, local and global. This expression, both descriptive and rhetorical, seems to find some parallel with the greenhouses business, which is also apparently made up of different degrees of transparency and opacity, material, economic and social, and whose impacts also still seem somewhat concealed and unpredictable.

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