Magnum Photos 75 Years

Magnum Photos 75 Years

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Atelier EXB, 2022. First edition.
Hardcover, 104 pp., 106 illustrated texts (English) on endpapers with photographs of the Agency's members  135 x 215 mm. Text by Philippe Séclier. Design by François Dézafit.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the famous Magnum Photos agency, the book puts into perspective its history and the photographers who work there, against the backdrop of the events they have gone through. Through short, chronologically sorted texts, the book tells the “little stories” that lie behind major photographs. From May 1968 in France to September 11, 2001, through the Vietnam War and more recent conflicts, all contemporary history unfolds under the lens of the agency's photographers. We discover the behind-the-scenes of a trip, the encounters that changed a life, the publication context of a legendary book, the political commitment of a photographer, or even the improbable scenario of an image that has become iconic.

Addressed to as much the reader who would like to discover documentary photography, as to the specialist who would like to complete his knowledge, Magnum Photos 75 Years is a collection of anecdotes and singular stories which reveals a great fresco of this mythical press agency, thanks to the work led by the author Philippe Séclier. The book is also distinguished by its original shape: evoking photographs without ever showing them but only by summoning them through the text. You will have to unfold the front and back endpapers of the book to discover the images hidden inside...

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