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Self published, 2014. Edition of 1,000 numbered copies.
Spiral-bound hardcover in cardboard box with candle, 350 x 350 mm, 22 pp. with 11 flaps, b&w and color illustrated throughout. Photographs and design by Francilins.

Limbo is a kind of Hell appendix, located between the third and fourth cycles, as described by Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy. To this Hell are sent those who were not baptized by the Catholic Church.

The pictures in LIMBO are bright apparitions that present themselves on the film by way of a method that allows them to penetrate through the cracks of the ordinary world making them visible to the human eye, using different materials, from chemicals prepared by Kodak, to collected substances mixed with organic elements.

This unique photobook by Brazilian photographer Francilins was mounted on a structure based on the Fibonacci sequence, with flaps that open in several directions. Its multiple design options make it a book that besides an object, is also a puzzle. It can be dismantled, its pages can change the sequence, or fulfill roles not provided by the author. An infinite book that comes with a candle and a printed warning stating: “Best viewed with warm light”.

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