Goosewalk (SIGNED) by Regina Anzenberger

Goosewalk (Signed)

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Anzenberger Edition, 2020. Edition of 350 signed and numbered copies.
Hard cover with dust jacket and obi-band, thread binding, 185 x 240 mm, 140 pp. + 9 fold-outs, 93 b/w illustrations and 8 mixed media works with drawing and painting. Photographs and text by Regina Anzenberger.

Deutscher Fotobuchpreis (German Photobook Award) 2019 Silver medal

Just as the ashes of the recently deceased dog, Shakeera, were about to be scattered around her favorite place, a large white swan appeared in the sky. “Is this the reincarnation of our beloved white dog?“ the artist and her 13-year-old dog sitter, Leila, wondered, sadly. But as it turned out later, it’s the goose, not the swan, who is the inspiration for and main protagonist of this book.

Goosewalk tells the story of a slaughterhouse-runaway goose who settled on a golf course and has been accepted by three wild geese. It has not been a coincidence that they landed at a golf course because geese can only eat short grass. Here she lives in freedom, although still protected, endlessly being served freshly mowed grass on a platter. Only the winters are lonely, when the wild geese fly south. But come spring, the birds happily reunite on the same pond.

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