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Sun Sun, 2022. Edition of 500 copies.
Softcover, Japanese binding, 128 pp., 105 b/w illustrations,180 x 240 mm. Photographs and text by Alexandre Dupeyron (English / French). Design by Typical.

A photographic journey to the limits of our perceptions, DYSNOMIA paints a world where the infinitely small is immensity, where forests are made of the same material as the stars and where fire dances with the shadows of men. Alexandre Dupeyron probes the secret substance of things, constantly moving and elusive, in order to lead us beyond what they seem to be.

DYSNOMIA, between music score and film editing

The book is thought in a cinematic and musical way. Each picture is a note of an analog score between photography and sound. Taking up the cinematographic processes, each image can give way to a loop of pictures, forming a rhythm where interstitial images appear.

The images all have the same treatment and take up the idea of the 35mm film format. DYSNOMIA thus reveals several facets, where content and form converse.

Through its materiality, the Japanese binding allows the front and back pages to be linked in a continuity that recalls that of the film.

The sound usually encoded at the bottom of the film also appears on the back of the images, the words become sound waves.

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