D´Après Nature

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Editions Xavier Barral, 2010. First edition.
Clothbound hardcover with dust jacket, 380 x 312 mm, 108 pp., 42 b/w illustrations. Photographs by Jean Gaumy. Text by René Daumal. Design by Xavier Barral.

Winner Prix Nadar 2010

Featured in The Photobook: A History Volume III

The photographs presented are part of a project that began in 2003. They constitute the prologue to a project of photographic reconnaissance performed by the artist, who travelled to the Arctic Circle to lands contaminated by Chernobyl, while also frequently returning to the high plains of the Occitan Piedmont Mountains. For the author, they represent the point of reference for his desire to trace an evolution from which the human race is intentionally absent. The book contains over forty extremely stylised photographs, sometimes tending towards abstraction, but that also have an intimate quality to them. The photographs are followed by two important passages fromMont Analogue by René Daumal.

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