Cherry Blossom

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Atelier EXB, 2021. First edition.
Hardcover, 144 pp. 66 b/w illustrations, 190 x 260 mm. Photographs by Bruce Gilden. Text by Bruce Gilden, Sophie Darmaillacq (English). Design by François Dézafit.

This book brings together the photographs that Bruce Gilden took in Japan during two residencies and several trips between 1995 and 1999, presenting both the most iconic and half unpublished. As always, on an impulse of a few fractions of a second, the Magnum photographer approaches his subjects as closely as possible and takes them on the spot. In Tokyo and Osaka, he looks for impenetrable places and is interested in the communities that Japanese society tries to hide, especially the yakuza, motorcycle gangs, marginals ... 

He shows his unique vision of Japan where each image is the result of an encounter with a nervous energy or disturbing and fascinating street scenes. In the introduction, the photographer recounts his wanderings through various anecdotes and stories.

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