Box of Illusions

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self-published, 2021. Edition of 500 copies.
Softcover, 60 pp., b/w and color illustrated, 230 x 340 mm. Photographs and text (English / Portuguese) by Re´gis de Gasperi.

'Box of Illusions' emerged from enchantment close by, through relationships and life, in a suspended time where fact and fiction blend. The visual appeal of black and white, of chiaroscuro, plays a role representing possible choices arising among life-cycle counterpoints. The inner struggle is exposed: acclamation x annihilation.

The ‘home box’ is no longer a physical (real) place, with openings that let in light to form shadows (illusion). Real and illusion merge, as in high contrast. There is no clarity about what is inside or outside. It is life and its heartbeat. This is why the home is memories and portraits. The world appears, unmasked. This does not ease emotional stresses, desperation, and pain, or even attempts at survival during certain dark days. This leads to repetition, inaccuracy, fragility, and the corrosion of images. The choice still remains, through plaudits and praise, through dance, and the raw yielding of bodies and feelings.

 Images crafted over a brief period of less than two years, in almost a single setting  (the stage, the stage of the home) are not limited to scenes of isolation. Instead, they become universal, representing the maturation of a process and different research paths during almost a decade.

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