Between Worlds

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AXB, 2022. First edition.
Hardcover, 144 pp., 75 color illustrations, 295 x 235 mm. Photographs by Harry Gruyaert. Text by David Campany (French).

Diving into the image, dissolving the borders between exterior and interior spaces, a closed world or on the contrary open to the elsewhere: Between Worlds offers a sensory immersion. Regardless of the location (shops, stations, cafes, subways, hotel rooms, shopping malls...), the country (Europe, Middle East, Asia, United States, Africa...), the time (from the 1970s until today), the photographer deploys here the very essence of his visual writing: a luminous alchemy in suspended time. Where are we? It doesn't matter, only the delight of getting lost reigns.

By following this common thread, the book offers a transversal vision of the work of Harry Gruyaert which borrows both from the world of cinema and that of painting. "A good photo is a photo that says a lot about the place and the time when it was taken, (...) I frame a certain number of elements which are as many fragments, transparencies that are superimposed like layers, and which make my photos, indeed, reflect both the spirit of the place and the space-time.” says the photographer. A text (in French) by David Campany examines the approach and the singular positioning of the photographer who is located “in the space of the threshold (where) we are in balance, neither inside nor outside, present but in neither of the two places”.

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