Sizigia (Signed)

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Fundación CB, 2019. Edition of 300 copies, numbered.
Silkscreen printed hardcover, swiss binding, 170 x 240 x 35, 392 pp., b/w illustrated throughout. Photographs by Pako Pimienta. Text by Felipe Zapico Alonso (English, Japanese, Spanish). Design by raulowsky.

"Faced with the inexorable abscence, the gaze, imperative ally of survival, mutates as I do. It loves and hates with me, keeps the pace of my breathing, and manages to set me free from the burden of the act of photography. It refers to relationships of material and spiritual worlds, the eternal fight between reason and human perception. There is no room left anymore to turn around. You do not think, you act. Dazed. Fascinated by the moment before or after, because those moments exist as well. Ephemeralness. Unlearning what was learned, to kill the readiness of being a photographer, to create a new conscience. False reality that drives you to want to photograph."

"Oh photography... pure invention. Uncoded message. A correspondence between the most different things ad infinitum. Illogical. Polysemous. Never confined to itself. Reacting to time, to how it moves, to the way emotions and things dissapear. Photographing with the hope of engaging moments with eternity."

Pako Pimienta

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