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Self published, 2020. Edition of 750 copies.
Softcover with flaps, 160 pp., color illustrated, 220 x 300 mm. Photographs by Eva Veldhoen. Text by Hannah Aukes, Annika Hein, Tom Ruben. Design by Marjolein Heije.

** Shortlisted for the 2021 Paris Photo – Aperture Foundation First PhotoBook Award **

In December 2020, I self-published my first book, Play – about play, as an attitude to life. For this book, I photographed the Lego structures of my five-year-old son. They marked the beginning of my personal search for play.

To me, play means following joy, curiosity, my intuition. It’s about the power of imagination, experiment, about learning and adjusting while doing. Play requires me to trust the process, without knowing the results. It turned out I had to relearn this. My son’s advice was: just begin, it always turns into something.

The photos in the book are combined with essays and poetry about play. With this book, I want to show – and hopefully make you feel, once again – what it was like, to play.

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