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Skinnerboox, 2022. First edition.
Hardcover, 60 pp., b/w and color illustrated, 215 x 280 mm. Photographs and design by Pedro Alfacinha.

"For the past two years, I have been mapping out my fundamental memories of growing up in Lisbon in the late eighties / early nineties. It was an euphoric time in Portugal, everyone was high on hope, and in my family this was lived very intensely, coinciding with our own golden age, until the unexpected loss of my father in 1991. My relationship with photography begins there. It was in the family album that I made sense of the present I had known become the immediate past. It was there I projected my own destiny. Now, as I create my own family album, I realise that this transcendental relationship with those mundane images has formed the backbone of my eye, what I look for in the world with my photography, but also the backbone of the very way I live my life, my dreams and my future." Pedro Alfacinha

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