Light and Shadow (Signed)

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Getsuyosha / Bookshop M, 2019. 
Hardcover in slipcase, 308 x 228 mm, 204 pp., 100 b/w illustrations. 
Photographs by Daido Moriyama. Text by Daido Moryiama (English).

Daido Moriyama’s classic from 1982, Light and Shadow marked his return to photography, ten years after his previous photobook publication and three years after he basically stopped photographing altogether. Light and Shadow also marks an evolution in Moriyama’s photography, with the moodiness of earlier works replaced by a clearer focus on objects and the early bure-boke having evolved into a richer, high-contrast style.

The English version features a hardcover reprint of Moriyama’s 1982 photobook as well as a booklet with detailed information to each photograph, exclusive commentary by Daido Moriyama, and an interview originally published in the September 1981 issue of the magazine “Shashin Jidai” (all in English translation).

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