Kintsugi (ENG)

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RM Verlag, 2021. First edition (ENG).
Softcover, Japanese binding with golden thread, 92 pp. 73 illustrations, 225 x 300 mm. Text by Xavier Antich, Joan Fontcuberta, Céline Fribourg, Montserrat Ronchera (English). Design by Hermanos Berenguer. 

Museums and archives are institutions designed to preserve the memory of a community. Joan Fontcuberta rummages through their collections to find photographic documents that have deteriorated over time and, paradoxically, “lost their memory.”

These fragile, ailing, amnesiac images are salvaged by a procedure that recalls the Zen technique of Kintsugi: a piece of broken pottery is not discarded, but repaired, a thread of gold marking the fracture line. Emphasizing scars is a form of resilience, of acceptance of the vicissitudes of life. In Kintsugi, Joan Fontcuberta assembles a poetic and conceptual gathering of phantasmal images that evoke the passage of time, the recording of history, and the very substance of photography.

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