Saul Leiter. 100 Anos

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Editorial RM. Spanish edition.
Hardcover with obi, 352 pp., 300 illustrations, 254 x 305 mm. Photographs by Saul Leiter. Text by Margit Erb, Michael Parillo, Michael Greenberg, Lou Stoppard, Adam Harrison, Asa Hiramatsu (Spanish). Design by Ramon Pez.

To mark the centenary of Saul Leiter’s birth, a comprehensive retrospective has been produced that traces the life and work of Saul Leiter.

A visual poet, his work has made him one of the most prominent names in the canon of 20th century photography.

It covers Leiter’s entire oeuvre, from his meditative New York street scenes to his fashion work, from his minimal black-and-white nudes to his paintings and self-portraits.

Diving deep into Saul Leiter’s archive to reveal contact sheets, sketchbooks and personal ephemera, the book brings to life one of photography’s most enigmatic figures.

Created in collaboration with the Saul Leiter Foundation, this ambitious publication, packed with previously unpublished works, covers Leiter’s entire oeuvre – the abstract New York street scenes, his fashion works, his minimalist photographs of female nudes, his paintings and painted photographs – and throws new light into his life.

Born in 1923, Saul Leiter was on the verge of obscurity before Howard Greenberg organised an exhibition of his black-and-white photographs at the eponymous New York gallery in 1993. In the following decade, prompted by the discovery and exhibition of his early colour photographs, Leiter came to be recognised as a seminal figure in twentieth-century photography and a visual poet whose photographs and publications have made him a popular and enduring artist.

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