On the Night That We Leave

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La Main Donne, 2021. First edition.
Hardcover, 152 pp., 80 color illustrations, 215 x 280 mm.
Photographs by Alisa Resnik.

Winner European Publishers Award

From Berlin to Saint Petersburg, via Odessa or Italy, the place of this work is ultimately at night. Alisa Resnik crosses it, explores its entrails, sets out to meet it, in the deserted streets and the landscapes where a few furtive silhouettes slip, in the pale interiors and the appearances of fragile or sometimes ecstatic faces.

From muffled lights to bursts of color in the shadows, the photographer describes what might seem like a wandering, but which turns out to be her journey and her story. The tale, quivering and subtle, of one that is out of nowhere and yet belongs entirely to this nocturnal world. Through her powerful images, she reveals its beauty and grace. So, like a welcoming home, he receives it and envelops it. Throughout her book, Alisa Resnik takes us with her and we surrender to brutality as well as to the sweetness of the night.

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