I would run this way forever and over again (Signed)

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Lebop, 2022. Edition of 100 copies.
Softcover, Swiss binding, 166 pp., b/w and color illustrated, 225 x 280 mm. Photographs by Carlos Lobo. Design by André Santos, Carlos Lobo.

Published by Lebop under the title “I would run this way forever and over again”, the new monograph of Carlos Lobo comprises a large body of images taken by the author for the last fifteen years. The lyricism of both titles anticipates a work full of melancholy, in which youth reveals itself as protagonist, either as an ethereal presence or as saudade. In this series, the author reveals a kind of manifesto in immobilizing time and an idyllic perpetuation of youth (whose unraveling is inevitably uninterrupted).

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