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Journal, 2011. Edition of 1,000 copies.
Clothbound hardcover, 210 x 309 mm, 76 pp., color and b/w illustrated throughout. Photographs and design by Katinka Goldberg.

Featured in The Photobook: A History volume III

'Surfacing' is an intimate investigation of the artist’s relationship with her mother seen through the lens of the camera. It tells a personal story of claustrophobic intimacy, love, pain and struggle towards independence. At the same time the images give an account of an all-times ambivalent mother-daughter relationship during the different periods of their lives. 'Surfacing'  focuses on the relationship between the artist’s mother and herself through photographs taken by the artist during the course of time. The book is about the atmosphere in this relationship, which talks about the things that do or do not happen between them. The photographs are also about the way Goldberg looks at her mother to discover that she at times sees herself through her, realizing that children are naturally shaped by their parents’ view on the world. Goldberg questions how a story can be told without a narrative - a story that is formless and without concrete beginning or end. The publication is thus to be seen more as a framed visual collage that communicates the close relationship between mother and daughter. And about a relationship both close and distant, expressive and introvert.

"A lot of books are made in the 'diaristic' mode. A lot of books are made about the photographer's relationship with their mother. This is one of the more intelligent and more interesting in a photographic sense." Gerry Badger

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