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Les Éditions L'Œil, 2022. First edition.
Softcover, 480 pp., b/w and color illustrated, 170 x 232 mm. Images. by Pedro Costa, Andre Salgueiro Martins, Vitor Carvalho, Leonardo Simoes, Richard Dumas, Andy Rector. Text by Félix Rehm, Pedro Costa, Joao Benard da Costa, Shigehiko Hasumi, Matthieu Macheret, Miguel Armas, Mathilde Girard, Jose Neves, Jean-Pierre Gorin, Philippe Lafosse, Bernard Eisenschitz, Jun Fujita, Patrick Holzapfel, Cristina Fernandes, Cyril Neyrat, Luc Chessel (French).

"A thousand hours of conversation, we talk, and in the end there's almost nothing. Maybe one word still stands. This is also how we work. We imagine  a scene with Ventura or Vanda or Vitalina, we go for it, we repeat: Vanda talks about her mother, Vitalina about her husband, Ventura about himself. We must start by telling. We resume, a lot must be cut. Condensing, removing. Don't talk about the dog this time, go back to the day when he came to your house... And we get to what we need." Pedro Costa


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