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Joao Miguel Barros
Zine Photo #01 Wisdom

Photographs, text and design by João Miguel Barros

OCHRE Editions, 2020

Edition of 500 copies


40 pp., 34 b/w illustrations

285 x 400 mm

ISBN 285 x 400 mm

Item #9611

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To enter Wisdom School is to enter a different world. The old building, which was once an important mansion, is now quite damaged. The school was founded in 1986. At the beginning it was intended to accommodate children with soccer skills. However, in 1992, the school was authorized to establish an educational program, with the mandate to teach classes ranging from pre-primary to secondary education. In this project, which is the result of several visits and interaction with teachers and students, we can find a little bit of everything: children playing, individualized tutors and tumultuous classes.

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