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Zine Collection No 3 - 796 Days (with signed print)

Zhu Mo
Zine Collection No 3 - 796 Days (with signed print)

Photographs and text by Zhu Mo

Design by Bim Studio

Éditions Bessard, 2012

Edition of 100 copies


38 pp., 30 black & white illustrations + 1 color print (signed and dated)

150 x 210 mm

ISBN 978-2-9537204-8-8

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"796 days of emotion picked me up like a cyclone and pulled me into an unknown place. Everyday occurrences around me began to change, while the feelings wore at me and guided me to photograph. There was no tripod, nor planned compositions; the snapshot film even had the dates stamped on each photograph. Yet all of these things allowed me to experience an unprecedented feeling of freedom. Everything else fell away. And the only thing left was the feeling that compelled me to photograph. Over time, these photographs weren't only a record of family life: their purity amazed me and this series revealed to me a world, body and nature broken open by love. I endeavored to record and develop on film every detail from those 796 days with my camera as if it was my eyes. But in the end these photographs still aren't memories" - Zhu Mo

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