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Kouhei Hirose

Photographs by Kouhei Hirose

Text by Kouhei Hirose, Akiyoshi Taniguchi (English, Japanese)

Design by Koichi Ino

Zen Foto Gallery, 2018

Edition of 700 copies

Softcover in slipcase

160 pp., 79 b/w illustrations

190 x 258 mm

ISBN 978-4-905453-60-4

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Yokushiroku is the first photobook publication by Kouhei Hirose, whose work has been exhibited by notable Tokyo photo galleries for several years. Hirose’s style of photography - or rather of making prints - immediately stands out: through experimentation with chemicals during the printing process, Hirose adds an overlay of patterns and distractions to his well-observed street photographs.

“There were times when I questioned why people live and why people exist—things I do not need to think about now. However, through the camera, I was able to objectively see the world and accept many things.
In retrospect, I realize that even though I had traversed just a small part of my life, I judged things superficially or conveniently based on little knowledge and much anxiety. You must first realize that though you thought you were the one looking, you are the one being looked at.” from the artit's afterword.

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