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Waffenruhe (First Edition, Nishen 1987)

Michael Schmidt
Waffenruhe (First Edition, Nishen 1987)

Photographs by Michael Schmidt

Text by Einar Schleef

Dirk Nishen Verlag, 1987

First edition, first printing (out of print)


77 pp., 39 b/w illustrations

265 x 300 mm

Item #1500

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Very well preserved copy of the first printing of this highly influential photobook, housed in a protective cardboard box handmade by previous owner. Featured in The Photobook: A History vol II, page 65. 

Michael Schmidt has profoundly influenced the imagery of his native city, Berlin. Realised together with Einar Schleef, Schmidt’s book and exhibition project Waffenruhe (Ceasefire), exhibited in 1987 in the Berlinische Galerie in Martin-Gropius-Bau, played a decisive role in this process. With atmospherically condensed, fragmentary monochrome pictures of urban landscapes, natural details and portraits, Schmidt sketched a subjective image of the still-divided city. His technique moved beyond the methodology of pure documentation, and, instead, formulated in unexpected compositions the Zeitgeist of a generation just before the fall of the Wall. He developed a world of fractures and lacunae that defy any pretence of a definitive image. Together with a text by the theatre director and writer Einar Schleef, a contrary and particular view of the fragility of human existence emerged.