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Miguel Rio Branco
Você Está Feliz? (First edition)

Photographs by Miguel Rio Branco

Design by Miguel Rio Branco

Cosac Naify, 2012

First edition (out of print)

Hardcover, japanese binding

384 pp., b&w and color illustrated throughout

145 x 195 mm

ISBN 978-85-405-0259-8

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Miguel Rio Branco's photography explores contrasts using light and color as opposed to realistic themes. The result is surprising and poetic. In Você Está Feliz? the power of the images dispenses the text, allowing the reader to interpret them from the question that gives the book its title.
The photographs cover different possibilities of happiness and childhood, without excluding the difficult aspects of growth and the environment in which the human being grows. Rio Branco distances himself from a romantic conception, without excluding the happy times - causing the reader to reflect on the meanings we attach to happiness.

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