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Yusuf Sevincli
Touch Dissolves

Photographs by Yusuf Sevincli

Design by Sprflxgrfzm

Iikki Books, 2018

Edition of 500 copies, hand numbered & hand stamped


96 pp., 66 b/w illustrations

240 x 165 mm

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Touch Dissolves is the dialog between the photographer Yusuf Sevinçli  and the composer/cellist Aaron Martin initiated by IIKKI between January 2018 and May 2018.

"Yusuf Sevinçli does not linger. He walks, he explores, he observes, he shoots and he leaves again. He collects almost obsessively scraps of reality which are always different, but they can finally find an analogy and eventually become a series of images. It ‘s a picaresque concept of photography, almost homeless, which rejects the stability and serenity of a home, albeit virtual, embracing instead the road and the people, animals (from dogs to insects), objects that live in it and make it alive. Subjects become patches that eventually assemble together to reveal a texture, which is the representation of reality through the artist’s eye. Emotionality digress the beaten tracks and take the street, returning us its true essence." — Santi Oliveri | Filles Du Calvaire

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