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David Alan Harvey
Tell It Like It Is (SIGNED)

Photographs by David Alan Harvey

Design by Anton Kusters, Diego Orlando

Burn., 2015

First facsimile edition


76 pp., 46 b/w illustrations

25 x 38 mm

ISBN 978-0-9837864-6-7

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Tell It Like It Is was first published in 1968 but it was destined to be re-published. It is not an epic. It is a photographic slice of another era, and a small piece of one family’s history in the U.S.

"In 1967 I was 23, in graduate journalism school in Missouri, and married. My first son Bryan was just 7-months old. I had no money, was unknown as a photographer, and had no mentors. There were two major social upheavals in the U.S. at the time: The Vietnam War and the civil rights movement. Socially conscious photographers of the era typically focused on one or the other. My friend Charles Hofheimer proposed we do a book on black family life. He had been working with local organizations involved with bettering the lives of blacks living in disadvantaged neighborhoods in Norfolk, Virginia. I jumped at this idea. Rather than shoot pictures all over what was known as the Berkeley ghetto in Norfolk, we decided to do a photo essay with one cooperative family. James Liggins and his wife Callie opened their door to us. They had 7 children ranging in ages from 2-15 years old. The Liggins’ lived in a small apartment in a 5-story tenement building. For approximately one month, I spent all my time with the family." — David Alan Harvey

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