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Nicolás Wormull

Photographs by Nicolás Wormull

Text by Nicolás Wormull (English / Spanish)

André Frère Éditions, 2015

First edition


68 pp., color and b/w illustrated throughout

170 x 240 mm

ISBN 979-10-92265-34-7

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Nicolas Wormull was born in Santiago, Chile, but grew up in Sweden, where he became a photographer. Currently he resides in Chile, where he works as a freelance photographer. The duality of having spent his youth in two different worlds drives his personal work, and he often returns to the themes of family, nostalgia for the past, close relationships, encounters, and the sense of belonging, or lack thereof. This series of images, according to Wormull, has neither future nor past; it is about the present, and all those little things that occur daily. It reflects the urge to stay, to pause and remain in the present, despite the mind’s incessant thoughts, impulses, and obligations.

"In my photography I often explore the concept of the family, the nostalgia of the past, close relationships, encounters with and the sense of (lack of) belonging. I have always been strongly influenced by my personal history and my family is a theme that I keep coming back to, just as the need to explore the duality of having grown up in two different worlds. This book has neither future nor past. It is about the present, the Now, and all of those little things that occur daily, right in front of my eyes. It is about how hard it can be to stop the endless chattering of the mind, conscious or subconscious, all the “must do”, “must have”, “must be”; thoughts, impulses, obligations, imagined and real. This book reflects the urge to stay, to pause and to remain in the present, but it also touches upon the comfort and strength that is gained when achieving this. I want these images to stay – because nothing is as intense, as real, as vivid and as powerful as remaining present." — Nicolás Wormull