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Alejandro Cartagena
Santa Barbara return jobs back to Us

Photographs by Alejandro Cartagena

Text by Jonathan Blaustein

Design by Typophrenic

Skinnerboox, 2016

First edition

Hotfoil velvet softcover

112 pp. , color illustrated throughout

230 x 340 mm

ISBN 9788894134124

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Shortlisted for Author Book Award, Les Recontres d'Arles 2016

Selected as one the Best Books of 2016 by Cristina de Middel

"This book is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and if you should find yourself clutching, do count your days as it is written and it is already upon you." – Brad Feuerhelm, American Suburb X

Many of the photographs in this book are not “about” anything per se, but their tone, seen together, leaves little mystery. Alejandro’s “America,” seen through the lens of “Santa Barbara,” is a place hanging on by a thread. There are several images in the book, peering down on the street, taken from high up in a building somewhere. In other, happier times, I might enjoy their dynamic perspective. “Wow, those are cool,” I might think. But in the context of 2016, I couldn’t help but imagine the photographer a lonely, bitter shooter, eyeing up his next victim through a rifle-scope, anxious to squeeze the trigger, and move the drama along to its natural conclusion.

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