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Chris Shaw
Retrospecting Sandy Hill

Photographs by Chris Shaw

Morel, 2016

Edition of 500 copies


96 pp., b/w illustrated throughout

225 x 320 mm

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"Sandy Hill Estate lies to the North West of Farnham, on the border of Surrey and Hampshire. A mixture of private and council housing, the estate was designed around a through road, which ran like a spine, with cul-de-sacs leading off it to parking areas made up of open areas and garages. The houses were of unusual design - with the back of the homes facing the roads and garages, and the fronts opening onto small interlocking courtyards interlaced with a network of footways. While studying photography at a local art college in 1987,  I discovered this place. I felt alienated from my fellow students, but found a home on the Sandy Hill Estate. Over the next three years I gave people photo prints which led to more pictures - the camera was an excuse really. I liked talking to ‘normal’ people. Obviously they were obsessed with cars and bikes - they were ‘normal’ to me." 

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