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Anders Petersen

Photographs by Anders Petersen

Text by Marco Delogu

Design by Leonardo Magrelli, Nicola Scavalli

Punctum / Walther König, 2014

Edition of 300 copies


120 pp., 83 b/w illustrations

205 x 295 mm

ISBN 978-88-95410-21-0

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"The cinema has also greatly influenced my perspective of Rome: Rossellini, Pasolini, Fellini" 

Anders Petersen is one of the most influential european photographers, since the publication of Café Lehmitz in the 70s, with its intimate and and direct images. In this volume are collected photos of his three trips to Rome in  1984, 2005 (on the occasion of the Rome Commission during the FOTOGRAFIA - International Festival of Rome), and finally in 2012.

These three personal diaries merge with one another and the tensions and energies of two winters and a summer mix, forming a one tale thirty years long through much of the career of the swedish photographer. And it is thanks to this temporal portion so wide in a geographical context so narrow that we can consider the photographs of Rome featured in this book as a vantage point of obsevation on the work of Petersen, appreciating the consistency of an extremely cohesive body of work, both in the approach as in the performance.

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