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Robert Adams
A Road Through Shore Pine

Photographs by Robert Adams

Fraenkel Gallery, 2014

First edition


42 pp., b/w illustrated throughout

250 x 310 mm

ISBN 9781881337409

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Selected as one of the Best Books of 2014 by Andy Adams, John Gossage

A Road Through Shore Pine focuses on a series of 18 never-before-seen photographs by Robert Adams, taken in Nehalem Bay State Park, Oregon, in the fall of 2013.

Adams documents a contemplative journey, made first by automobile, then by foot, along an isolated, tree-bordered road to the sea. As presented through Adams' 11 x 14-inch prints, the passage takes on the quality of metaphor, suggestive of life's most meaningful journeys, especially its final ones. For this group of photographs, all of which were printed by Adams himself, the artist returned to the use of a medium-format camera, allowing the depiction of an intense amount of detail. Through experience gathered over more than four decades, Adams' trees, especially the tips of their leaves, are etched with singular sensitivity to the subtleties and meanings of light.

Adams writes of these photographs: “The road is one that my family traveled often and fondly. Many of its members are gone now, and Kerstin and I visit the road for the example of the trees.” Adams had stored this work in an archival print box on which he inscribed in pencil a line from the journal of the Greek poet George Seferis: “A marvelous road, enough to make you weep; pine trees, pine trees….”

"A book that reads like the Sacred Harp Hymnal, with pictures of subtle brilliance." — John Gossage

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