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Alec Soth
Ping Pong Conversations

Photographs by Alec Soth

Text by Alec Soth, Francesco Zanot

Contrasto, 2013

First edition


182 pp., 78 illustrations

150 x 210 mm

ISBN 978-88-6965-409-1

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Ping Pong Conversations is a long, friendly conversation between Alec Soth, one of the most prominent artist of this time, and the Italian curator and critic Francesco Zanot. Analyzing his most famous photographs as well as others that have been published or are virtually unknown, Soth reflects upon his career as a photographer. Each picture gives rise to a charter of its own, an original thought or reflection. Storytelling and the use of color and black and white, staged and candid approaches, and personal and political issues are just a few of the many arguments that the American photographer discusses with Francesco Zanot, resulting in a combination of words and images that constitutes both a complex examination of Alec Soth's work and a manual on that reading of photography itself. Soth’s images are shuffled together here to form new sequences: tracing the threads of memories, addressing cultural issues and references, and thus creating unforeseen and unforeseeable connections.

"Soth is one of my favorite photographers and his influence on the internet/photo generation is huge. He's gotten lots of play online, so many of us know his pictures even if his books aren't in our home library. Ping Pong Conversations is an opportunity to consider his approach to seeing the world with a camera. Curator Francesco Zanot knows his subject and their short-form dialogues provide funny, articulate insights into what makes this artist tick. “  Andy Adams, founder of Flak Photo

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