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Paulo Nozolino
Ph.02 Paulo Nozolino (SIGNED)

Photographs by Paulo Nozolino

Text by Sergio Mah, Rui Nunes (Eenglish, Portuguese)

Design by NADA

Imprensa Nacional, 2018

First edition of 1,000 copies (out of print)

Softcover with flaps

132 pp., 86 b/w illustrations

170 x 240 mm

ISBN 978-972-27-2669-6

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"C'est que je ne connaissais pas encore les hommes. Je ne croirai plus jamais à ce qu´ils disent, à ce qu´ils pensent. Cést des hommes et d´eux seulement qu´il faut avoir peur, toujours." Céline

Deeply rooted in life experience, meditative, poetic and Dionysian, Nozolino's work reveals to us a visuality that is sensitive to the forms of pathos. Photography is employed as a previleged means to express and organise his restless, dramatic worldview. In a brief but revealing text from 2011, the photographer states: "I have always been on the brink of nothing. The sensation of living in a non-time. Each small joy I felt became immediately past and each dream of future seemed to me already a memory (...) Photography enabled me to travel and experience the difference between the possible and the impossible. I could keep without having to possess, remember without worrying about forgetting, survive rather than live. Most of all, I learned that everything has a story, every story has two versions, every version has its own past."

The journey evokes a type of dislocation and movement that is as physical as it is mental. The foreign place is less inhibitive; it refrains the familiar and mechanic qualities of routine and awakens a strongly stimulating and attention-challenging openness. However, Nozolino has no pretension to know or describe the distinguishing features of that place and of the figures that inhabit it, a fact that distances him from the motivational frame of photographers with documentary intentions. For Nozolino, to travel is a form - a strategy - of evasion, allowing him to rethink his world and speculate on the reality of his context, a way to indicate signs and symptoms of a history that is at once personal and collective.

Note: The Ph Series is a collection of monographs dedicated to contemporary Portuguese photographers. These books aim at divulging the work of these artits by showcasing the expanded and multiple territories of Photography and being further enriched with texts written by specialists. Ph.01 was dedicated to photographer Jorge Molder.

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