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Laura El-Tantawy
الشعب (The People)

Photographs by Laura El-Tantawy

Transcriptions of interviews with Egyptians during and after the January 25, 2011 revolution (Arabic)

Design by -SYB-

Self published, 2015

Edition of 1,500 copies

Newsprint paper, with protective plastic

80 pages including 32-page main newspaper, one 32-page insert (with 10 text pages) and 16-page insert (with 2 text pages) , 110 color illustrations, 5 Egyptian revolution graffiti stencils, custom handwritten Arabic calligraphy

290 x 420 mm (main newspaper), 185 x 285 mm (two inserts)

ISBN 978-0-9932876-0-2

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On January 25, 2011, hundreds of thousands of Egyptians took to the streets across the country demanding the fall of Mohamed Hosni Mubarak, who had ruled the country for nearly 30 years. This was only the beginning.”

More than four years on, الشعب (The People) chronicles how citizens in the Arab world’s largest nation fought for social and economic change in the face of a brutal political regime that wanted to maintain the status quo. Following El-Tantawy’s "In the Shadow of the Pyramids" - a first person account exploring memory and identity through the author’s experience before and during the country’s turbulent political struggle - الشعب takes a step back from the personal narrative. Published in a newspaper format and narrated by “the people”, El-Tantawy’s second publication aims to preserve and celebrate the vanishing memory of one of the most historically relevant chapters in modern-day Egypt’s story. 

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