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Antoine D'Agata

Photographs by Antoine D'Agata

Text by Antoine D'Agata (English, Spanish)

Design by Ian Pierce

André Frère Éditions, 2013

First edition


64 pp. , illustrated throughout

160 x 230 mm

ISBN 979-10-92265-14-9

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El Último Espejo. / Todo aquel que atraviesa el corredor del Miedo / llega fatalmente al Último Espejo / donde una mujer abrazada a tu esqueleto nos muestra / cara a cara el infierno de los ojos sellados / de los ojos cerrados para siempre como en una máscara / de muerte representando en el más allá el teatro último: / así miré yo a los ojos que borraron mi alma / así he mirado yo un día que no existe en el Último Espejo / L. M. Panero, El Último Espejo, Teoría, 1973 - EDEN - Monday, November 12th, 2012 - Valparaíso; smoking CBP on aluminium cap of plastic pasteurized milk bottle; CBP unveils instinct and freezes will; secret river purifies men from death and tirelessly sweeps them away to some lost paradise abounding in lascivious demons; addiction takes my pain hostage and feeds itself on it; I live in those contaminated bodies and end by them; through silence, desire rises to the rank of pure irony, insane promise of a paradise they call evil.

In 2012, Antoine d'Agata was invited to Chile by Rodrigo Gomez Rovira, director of the International Festival of Valparaiso (IFFIm) to come to a workshop as part of the week-long festival held in November. PARAISO, bound like Sergio Larrain's "Valparaiso", is the photographic diary kept by Antoine D'Agata between October 31 and November 12 during the festival, interspersed with flashbacks on the Cambodian experience developed in his book ICE, and is written in the languages spoken by Antoine d'Agata on site, English and Spanish.

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