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Aaron Ruell
One Picture Book #87: Ten Years Too Late (with Print)

Photographs by Aaron Ruell

Design by Nazraeli Press

Nazraeli Press, 2015

Edition of 500 copies


16 pp., 12 colo illustrations, 1 original signed photograph

145 x 185 mm

ISBN 978-1-59005-416-1

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On the tenth anniversary of its release, director, actor and photographer Aaron Ruell looks back on the production of cult classic “Napoleon Dynamite”. In addition to famously performing as older brother Kip in the movie, Ruell also photographed stills during the making of it. In Ten Years Too Late, he presents us with a selection of 12 photographs; some of famous scenes, and others made behind the scenes. Nazraeli Press published Ruell’s monograph Some Photos in 2007.

Ten Years Too Late is limited to 500 numbered copies, and includes an original signed photograph by Aaron Ruell.

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